Boxing This Weekend (9/15/18)

Boxing This Weekend (9/15/18)

This is the week that the boxing world has been clamoring about for some time. Perhaps it’s the black cloud hovering over the Main Event this weekend, but I’m a little less than excited about Golovkin versus Canelo. That said, I am curious and obligated to give my predication, otherwise what type of fan would I be? There are numerous intriguing match-ups that just cry “ACTION” on paper. Let’s take a look at what’s in store shall we!


Jose Carlos Ramirez (22-0 16KO) verses Antonio Orozco (27-0 17KO)- This is a good fight on paper pitting two young, undefeated fighters that have solid resumes against each other. Someone’s “O” has got to go as they say. The 26-year old Ramirez will be defending his WBC Jr. Welterweight Title, hoping to make a statement in a division that still views him as a top 20 fighter. A win over Orozco should boost him into the top 10 and earn him some higher profile fights. He has been built up the right way, facing increasingly difficult competition culminating with a knockout win over the then undefeated Mike Reed and a unanimous decision victory over Amir Imam for the vacant belt. Across the ring will stand another undefeated pugilist in Antonio Orozco. While he doesn’t feature a star studded resume, Orozco does have a few wins that show he deserves his ranking, namely victories over Emmanuel Taylor and Humberto Soto. This ought to be a fairly even matchup that I see going to decision. Hopefully the winner of this match will be lined up to battle against Regis Prograis to see who the true WBC Champion is. Watch on ESPN evening of September 14th.

My pick: Ramirez by decision.

Spike O’Sullivan (28-2 20KO) versus David Lemieux (39-4 33KO)- Based off the first GGG/Canelo fight, I’m inclined to say this will be the fight of the night. This bout almost promises fireworks as long as it lasts. Spike enters this match riding a hot streak of 6 wins and 5 knockouts, dispatching high caliber prospect Antoine Douglas along the way. His most recent bout against Berlin Abreu felt like a step backwards though, and I doubt prepared him for someone of Lemieux’s caliber. Lemieux, on the other hand, is no stranger to high power opponents, having been in the ring with the likes of current champions Gennady Golovkin and Billy Joe Sanders, albeit losing to both. Spike and Lemieux pack enough power to hurt each other with both hands, so the deciding factor (to me anyways) will come down to a few things. The first question is how difficult it will be for Lemieux to make weight. In the past, his stamina has fell apart during the second half of the fight when weight was difficult to make, and it generally doesn’t get easier with age. The second question is how elusive can Spike be. His defense has been questionable to say the least, and taking shots from a slugger like Lemieux typically ends with an early sleep. If Spike can avoid getting clipped while tagging Lemieux for the first 6 rounds, then I think the fight will go to him. I’m not willing to put my prediction on that chance though.

My pick: Lemieux by knockout.

Gennady Golovkin (38-0-1 34KO) rematch versus Saul Alvarez (49-1-2 34KO)- I should certainly be more excited about this fight than I am. It’s very difficult for me to get the juices flowing after the travesty that was the scorecards in the first bout. I’ve watched the fight numerous times and only see GGG winning each time, but that’s neither here nor there. If we are ignoring the glaring possibility of paid off. . . I mean questionable judging, this fight has a few questions that need to be answered. Will age catch up to Golovkin for this fight, and how much did Canelo gain from the Clenbuterol in his system? Golovkin is still currently the man of the division, but has seemed to lose a step or two over his last couple of fights, but that could easily be attributed to the quality of opponents he’s been in the ring with. If he can find Canelo’s chin clean a few times (a lateral step to the right while Canelo is against the ropes, throwing a ¾ uppercut is the punch to watch for) then he certainly can knock him out. On the other hand, if age is slowing GGG down, and Canelo is entering his physical prime, then he may be able to time GGG’s aggression and potentially stun him mid swing. Either way, just as the first fight was, it’s a 50/50 type of match, and hopefully everyone gets treated fairly.

My pick: My gut says age defeats GGG this time, but I’m not ready to stamp it yet. Golovkin by decision/ late knockout after investing in the body and slowing Canelo’s evasive movement. A stationary Canelo is the same as any other heavy bag.


Jamie Munguia (30-0 25KO) versus Brandon Cook (20-1 13KO)- Munguia looks the part, talks the part and so far acts the part of a true player in the Jr. Middleweight division, however lacks the conclusive resume to separate himself from the crowd. I see Cook as a step backwards and won’t get us any closer to the action. Cook is a good fighter, but isn’t on this level and has done nothing to deserve this fight I’m sorry to say.

My pick: Muguia by decapitation on his first flurry that connects clean.


There’s another round of predictions, and another opportunity for you to argue with me about my calls. I don’t know the exact math (yet) but I’m batting over 80% so far in predictions and hopefully will be able to continue with the trend. If you disagree or have any comments, let me know in below or via Twitter @TheGreatToddman.


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