Dream Bouts For 2018! Part 2

Dream Bouts For 2018! Part 2

In part one of this article, I went over three matches that I would love to see happen throughout the rest of 2018 (Murata vs. Andrade; Lomachenko vs. M. Garcia; Bivol vs. Kovalev https://pugilistsparadise.com/2018/04/17/dream-bouts-for-2018-part-1 for part 1). Let’s go over the remainder of my list of dream fights for 2018! If all promotional teams could just get along for once, these are the fights I’d like to be treated to. (Wilder vs. Joshua is obvious, so it’s implied and doesn’t need yet another article)

Gilberto Ramirez (37-0 25KO) vs. George Groves (28-3 20KO)- The “World Boxing Super Series” tournament has done a fine job weeding out the super middleweight division, but one top notch fighter wasn’t on the list of participants, Gilberto Ramirez. A unification match between WBA Champion George Groves and WBO Champion Ramirez would settle the debate on who’s the best in the division (admittedly there are a few other fighters that can be argued, but they aren’t on my list!). Ramirez employs a high-volume approach to his boxing. He throws punches in bunches and tries to land twice for every punch he takes. At 6’2” he’s tall for the division and at only 26 years of age he has plenty of youth left in him despite having 37 fights already. Groves has a more calculated style, using an awkward stance and attempting to catch his opponents through their defensive lapses. Ramirez has those lapses, but they are hard to abuse with the volume of punches he throws. On paper, this fight looks to be an action packed affair!

Errol Spence Jr. (23-0 20KO) vs. Terrence Crawford (32-0 23KO)- This could potentially be the battle that one day decides who is pound for pound the best boxer on Earth. However, I’m greedy and would like to see the fight sooner. Crawford busts into the welterweight division in June with a bout against WBO Champion Jeff Horne. I can’t envision a realistic scenario where he loses. Meanwhile, Spence defends his IBF Title against Carlos Ocampo, a brilliant matchmaking move that will (almost certainly) end with Spence getting a knockout victory. Let’s line up a unification for September or October! Both of these guys are phenomenal fighters with power, high boxing IQ, and a willingness to brawl if the need arises to beat their opponent and prove their superiority. I can’t even begin to pick a winner in this matchup, other than the fans!

Oscar Valdez (24-0 19KO) vs. Luis Nery (26-0 20KO)- Who doesn’t want to see a good ol’ fashioned all Mexican brawl? Nery and Valdez are both high caliber fighters nearing the top of their divisions, and both looked impressive in their recent matches, despite Nery’s loss to the scale. Both are close enough in weight to where the fight shouldn’t be hindered by it. Often times, young fighters are fed subpar opposition all the way until they fight for a Title, sometimes even beyond that (often the case with “vacant” Titles). These two have fought name, highly credible opponents already in their careers, so why not put these sluggers in the ring together and let’s see who is the better of these two young Champions? Both have knockout power, speed and aggression. The winner will be who can utilize their boxing skills to land a telling blow first, and we get to enjoy everything up until!

Did I miss you favorite dream matchup for 2018? If so let me know in the comments below, via email at PugilistsParadise@columnist.com or on Twitter @TheGreatToddMan.


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