Weighing In: Alantez “SlyAza” Fox

Weighing In: Alantez “SlyAza” Fox


DMV boxing fans, tune in to HBO on October 21st as our own Alantez “Slyaza” Fox(23-0-1 11KO) will take on former Junior Middleweight World Champion Demetrius “BooBoo” Andrade(24-0 16KO). The contest will be Andrade’s first fight at the Middleweight limit of 160 pounds. Meanwhile, the 6’5” Fox will enjoy a comfortable height and reach advantage over Andrade. This fight will be the co-feature of the night at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona. Fox was kind enough to take some time from his training to answer a few of my questions regarding his preparation for the fight.

Andrade’s amateur pedigree is well documented. What does your amateur background look like?
Fox: Well I’ve had close to if not 200 amateur fights. I didn’t wait around for the Olympics in 2012. I turned pro in 2010.

Todd: This fight is a big opportunity for you to establish yourself for a title shot. Have you changed anything about your training for this, or are you treating it like another fight on the way to the top?
Fox: I think I’ve stepped it up in all fashions. My times for running my miles is down, we’re doing more rounds with bigger people sparring, I’m just all-around more focused than I’ve ever been. I’m not treating this like just another fight, but I am treating it like this is where I was meant to be. This is the opportunity we’ve worked and prayed- then worked and prayed some more- for.

Todd: While his resume has more notable names, one advantage you have is activity. He has fought once a year since 2013, while you’ve been in the ring at least 3 times a year since 2015. Do you think your activity will give you an advantage, or maybe take advantage of his ring rust?
Fox: I’m not thinking about how much he’s fought or not. I think we’ve been fighting long enough that you don’t lose it. I’m going to go into this fight as if he’s been just as busy as anyone else. This is my biggest opportunity to date. I plan on boxing my ass off.

Todd: Last year, Andrade fought Willie Nelson, a fighter with similar height and reach to your own. He knocked Nelson out in the 12th. What do you plan to do differently to maintain that advantage?
Fox: Willie Nelson and I are two completely different fighters with two different styles. I plan on outmaneuvering and outboxing Demetrius Andrade for as long as the fight goes.

Todd: I can imagine how excited and proud you’ve made Forestville and the DMV area. Is there any advice or wisdom you’d like to pass on to the young/aspiring fighters in the area who may be looking to you as a model?
Fox: I would tell any young fighter to be patient and dedicated. There are times where you don’t get the fight you want when you want and there are times you get an unexpected fight. If you’re a fighter, be gay in every fashion. Fight for every opportunity and keep fighting until you get the results. Stay in the gym and do what you need to do to hone your craft to as close to perfection as possible; that way you can always be proud of the performance you put on. This isn’t easy but if it was, everyone would do it.

Todd: Do you have any shout-outs or people you’d like to thank?
Fox: Huge thanks for the opportunity to HBO Lou DiBella, Mike Borao Star Promotions and Team SlyAza Fox. Follow me on twitter and Instagram @SlyAzaFox. We’re here to make a statement and then change the world.

Thank you to Fox for taking the time to shed some light on his past and preparation, and I wish him the best of luck in the fight. If you enjoyed the article, or just want to talk boxing with me, follow me on Twitter @TheGreatToddman or email me at PugilistsParadise@columnist.com .


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