Stevenson vs. Fonfara Prefight

Stevenson vs. Fonfara Prefight

Tonight, Adonis Stevenson (28-1 23KO) takes on Andrzej Fonfara (29-4 17KO) in a rematch for his WBC Light Heavyweight Title. The card is going to be televised starting at 9PM EST on Showtime. Let’s take a deeper look at the competitors. . .

Stevenson hopes to defend his belt for the ninth time tonight. He has enough power to give anybody in the weight class a nap, and fights out of an awkward southpaw stance. What he has in power, he tends to lack in finesse. Often times Stevenson can be caught off balance if a big punch misses. If Fonfara can react quickly enough, he can score a knockdown to steal rounds (he scored a flash knockdown this way in their first stanza). It’s a dangerous game to play since Stevenson has the power to end the fight every time he lands.

Fonfara, on the other hand, beats his opponents by steady, consistent work. He has solid fundamentals and throws enough punches to keep anybody honest. With Stevenson, he will need to tighten his defense, keep moving, and not take any unnecessary hits. A win here will need to be a calculated affair executed one round at a time. Throw enough punches to make Stevenson anxious, make him miss, then capitalize and hope for a knockdown.

Fonfara is a live dog in this fight, but I don’t see him winning. Stevenson was too accurate and powerful for him the first time around, and I see that being the case again. Fonfara seems to have a lot of trouble with power punchers that can erase all of his work with one solid connection. Stevenson by KO is my pick.
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