Paradise, Once Again! What’s Happening In Boxing?

Paradise, Once Again! What’s Happening In Boxing?

Hello everybody out there, I hope you have all had a great start to 2017, and have been keeping up with our favorite sport! So, what’s been going on recently with me? Why haven’t I written anything in a while? Well, it’s been a combination of busy times, lack of energy and battles over the domain name usage (Pugilists Paradise) but that’s all behind us now! On to boxing!

Today, I want to glaze over an upcoming bout that has me watering at the mouth, a few . . . let’s say hiccups from some judges, and a recent upset. Let’s go!

Gennady Golovkin (37-0 33KO) Versus Saul Alvarez (49-1-1 34KO) September 16, 2017!!!! Well the fight is here, and even though it should have happened two years ago, and was promised a year ago (despite what the conveniently forgetful Oscar De La Hoya says) here we are.
Canelo showed a career best performance against a (barely) moving heavy bag named Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. last weekend, solidifying this fight. All jokes aside, Canelo has improved greatly over the last few years. He’s showed more poise in the ring, fast hands and he throws solid, creative combinations. A year or two ago I would say GGG walks through Canelo in 6 rounds or less, but now he is surely a live dog.
Golovkin, on the other hand, emerged from an intense battle with Daniel Jacobs victorious, though not by his typical knockout style. Now many casual fans (and some “hardcore” boxing heads) will try to convince you the GGG is now used goods. Don’t buy it. The truth is Jacobs is a top-tier fighter and we got to see a great fight between two of the best middleweights in the world. What we did see from GGG is 1) he can take a solid punch to the chin from a true, powerful middleweight and 2) he can fight at a good pace for 12-rounds without overwhelming stamina issues. We can’t say that about Canelo yet, so there are still questions to be answered.
This has Fight of the Year potential, Knockout of the Year potential and certainly has my interest as a boxing fan. Don’t miss this fight! (We are still a few months out, but currently I’m calling GGG by decsion).

Murata upset by N’Dam, I’m upset by judging.
Middleweight Olympic Gold Medalist Ryota Murata (12-1 9KO) was handed (not earned) his first loss today against the underrated Hassan N’Dam (36-2 21KO). Before I rant, let me preface it with this: N’Dam is a class boxer and will give most top middleweights a handful. This fight was a prime example of judging “hiccups” I’ll call them. In actuality what I mean by hiccup is that the judges involved should be fired and not allowed to officiate a professional event again. Their mishaps not only blemish the sport as a whole, further driving the insinuation that fights are “fixed”, but they also harm the fighters who pour themselves into their craft, at the detriment of their own body just to be slapped across the face by someone who has no business calling a fight. This bout wasn’t close, I had Ryota Murata up 9 rounds to N’Dam’s 3 rounds. On top of that, Murata scored a knockdown in the fourth! Murata was landing more often, and the more telling blows (particularly his tricky right) the whole fight. It seemed like a forgone conclusion that Murata won a decision and will move onto more lucrative fights where he belongs. Instead, we were treated to yet another robbery by the judges with a split decision for N’Dam. If we as fans don’t do something about these judges, then this will continue. It is not the first judge hiccup, and I could give a pretty decent size list from just so far in 2017!

Who is the King of the Heavyweight Division?
The fans were treated a few weeks ago to a fantastic Heavyweight Championship bout between Anthony Joshua(19-0 19KO) and Wladimir Klitschko(64-5 53KO). In a back and forth fight, which saw both warriors out on their feet at times, Joshua landed the final punch, claiming the titles and ascending to his (current) spot as the man to beat in the division. Tyson Fury(25-0 18KO) appears to be back in training camp for his ring return to try and regain his vacated spot at the top. Let’s not forget that Deontay Wilder(38-0 37KO), Joseph Parker(23-0 18KO), Luis Ortiz(27-0 23KO) and Lucas Browne(24-0 21KO) are still in the front of the pack, all with undefeated records, all with knockout power. The heavyweight division is finally breathing again, let’s line the fights up promotional companies!

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts, if you would like to contact me or talk shop about boxing, follow me on Twitter @TheGreatToddMan or email me at


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