Murat Gassiev vs. Jordan Shimmell Live Results

Murat Gassiev vs. Jordan Shimmell Live Results

       Live results for the Murat Gassiev vs. Jordan Shimmell card on Fox Sports 1.  The televised portion of the card starts at 9PM EST for everyone who wants to watch live!

On the first televised fight of the night, we have heavyweights Danny Kelly vs. Stephan Shaw. Round 1 was a round filled with jabs as both fighters were feeling each other out, I give the round to Shaw due to superior movement and cleaner jabs. Round 2 also goes to Shaw who started mixing in hooks and combinations to good success. In round 3, Kelly opened up his offense a bit more, landing a graving right, but Shaw’s defence was a notch higher. Round 4 wasn’t very eventful, with Shaw’s boxing abilities winning the round for him, primarily the jab. The 5th round was the most action packed so far, with Shaw landing significantly cleaner punches. In the 6th and final round, both fighters mixed it up, Shaw still lands cleaner, and we go to the judges.
Stephan Shaw defeats Danny Kelly by unanimous decision.

The second fight of the broadcast is John Wesley Nofire versus Joey Abell in the heavyweight division. In a close round 1, both fighters landed a few good punches. I give the round to Abell. In round 2, Nofire touched the canvas for the first time in his career from a combination from Abell. He made it back to his feet and out of the round. Round 3 picked up where 2 left off with Abell landing enough big lefts to stop his previously undefeated opponent.
Joey Abell defeats Wes Nofire by KO in round 3

Next up, we have a featherweight bout with Leduan Barthelemy facing Rafael Reyes. The fighters picked up the action fast in round 1, with Barthelemy establishing a sharp jab and powerful uppercut. Barthelemy landed a strong uppercut in round 2, dropping Reyes who was found unfit to continue due to a twisted ankle on the way down.
Leduan Barthelemy defeats Rafael Reyes by KO in round 2

The main event is a battle between Murat Gassiev and Jordan Shimmell. In round 1 Shimmell was winning the round with boxing skills, until Gassiev landed a strong hook against the ropes, knocking Shimmell out cold.
Murat Gassiev defeats Jordan Shimmell by KO in round 1

All in all an entertaining night of boxing. What did you think? Let me know in the comments section, on Twitter @TheGreatToddMan or on the Pugilists Paradise Facebook page.


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