Hernandez-Harrison/Dallas Jr. Battle to Draw

Hernandez-Harrison/Dallas Jr. Battle to Draw

       The main event on the Throne Boxing card last night didn’t go quite as planned.  In a controversial decision, Washington D.C.’s Dusty Hernandez-Harrison battled Mike Dallas Jr. to a draw. My personal score sheet had Dallas Jr. as the winner 96-92, but the judges saw the fight differently. Both fighters had their moments during the contest, which turned out to be an entertaining bout. I would gladly watch a rematch, as there is definitely unfinished business.

        The first few rounds saw Dallas push the action, with Harrison studying his opponent. Dallas was putting combinations together well, although Harrison’s defense was sound as he blocked the majority of the onslaught. Round 5 saw Dallas find an opening in Harrison’s defense, sending him to the canvas with a left hook. Harrison beat the count and seemed to recover well in between rounds. In round 8, it was Dallas’ turn to took the canvas, going down from a low blow that was ruled a knockdown. From that round through the end, Harrison landed the cleaner blows, as both fighters attempted to keep the judges out of the equation and finish the fight by knockout. Both fighters traded heavy leather, but I gave the last 3 rounds to Harrison. After the decision was announced, both fighters expressed dissatisfaction with the result, each believing he had done enough to win the fight. Harrison called his opponent out for a rematch in Dallas’ home town, to which Dallas replied that it shouldn’t be necessary, since he clearly won the fight. I would be very interested in seeing a rematch, because the action started getting poured on toward the later rounds.

       What did you think of the fight? Let me know via Twitter @TheGreatToddMan, or like the new Pugilists Paradise Facebook page!


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