Weighing In: Tyler “Hercules” Howard

Weighing In: Tyler “Hercules” Howard

Boxing is viewed by many as a lonely sport. Fighters wake in the early hours to run alone, they make there way to the gym to train on their own, and they of course enter the ring for a one on one contest of skill and will. For 21 year old prospect Tyler “Hercules” Howard (Nathan Howard on boxrec) though, boxing is a family affair. His father and trainer, Eric Howard, is a former fighter himself as well as his brother Chris. I recently had the privilege of having a short Q&A with Howard.

Q: How long have you been boxing?

Howard: I grew up around boxing. My dad was a boxer and my older brother is a boxer. You know you always look up to big brother when you’re a kid. I was proud to see him fighting while growing up and making appearances on ESPN so that motivated me. I had my first amateur fight at 8 years old.

Q: So you must have had plenty of amateur experience?

Howard: I don’t know my exact record, but it was something like 55-15. Most of my losses were when I was a little kid. I won the Nation Junior Golden Gloves, National Ringside Tournament and the National Title Tournament. I was the silver medalist in the 2010 Junior Olympics and rated second in the country by the silver gloves the same year.

Q: Do you attend any schools?

Howard: Yes, I’m a student at Tennessee Technical University. It’s important to me to make sure I set myself up to be successful after my boxing career is over. I’m fighting to support my family, I want to make my own path in life and not just follow the one laid out for me.

Q: What’s your goal in boxing?

Howard: I just want to take my career as far as it can go and try my best to improve in every fight.

Q: Do you have any social media handles for the fans?

Howard: (laughs) Of course I’m on twitter @Thoward02.

With his recent knockout, Tyler improves to 12-0 with 8 wins coming by way of knockout. In the super middleweight division, he is currently ranked 43 nationally and 208 in the world. I want to wish him good luck in his future in the ring and hope to see him in some big fights.

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