Rankings Page Added!

Rankings Page Added!

A rankings page has been added to Pugilists Paradise, so I wanted to give a brief explanation and update post.

  • These are my personal rankings.  I try to keep the rankings as unbiased as possible and based off of:  A) How impressive the boxer looked in recent fights B) Level of competition faced in the weight class C) How the boxer performed against other top-level competition (even across other classes).
  • Most fights in the very light classes are not televised in my area, so those rankings are likely to be based off of records rather than seeing the fights.
  • The rankings page will be updated monthly towards the beginning of the month starting June.
  • A note about Canelo: It’s difficult to determine where he belongs in the Middleweight rankings since he has yet to fight at the full limit against an actual Middleweight fighter, however he holds the WBC Title.  Based off of his previous fights against top-tier competition at the Junior Middleweight class, I gave him the number 3 spot for now.
  • Due to the retirement announcment, I have not place Manny Pacquiao on the rankings list.
  • If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to debate rankings/talk boxing with me, follow me on Twitter @TheGreatToddMan

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